Child Aid Launches Travel Program

Child Aid supporter in Guatemala

Child Aid supporter, Dick Saulsbury, visits with local Guatemalan children in Chimaltenango..

We are very excited to announce our first annual Travel with Child Aid trip, which will happen this August. Designed for those who have made, or are considering making, a significant financial contribution to our literacy program, Travel with Child Aid gives key supporters a week in Guatemala to get to know us in depth. Participants will travel with Child Aid staff to some of our partner communities, where they will see firsthand how our program works. Most importantly, members of the group will be able to directly experience the difference their investment makes in children’s lives. A light volunteer project in a school or library will also give participants the chance to work alongside children and families – those who know best the value literacy brings to their communities.

We hope this trip will inspire our most committed supporters to continue their involvement, while giving new donors insight into Reading for Life, a program they will come to know intimately.

Our in-country sample itinerary includes:

  • Orientation breakfast and walk-through of Antigua.
  • Visit to Child Aid’s Book Center and a reception with literacy staff.
  • Guided visits to rural villages in the Central Highlands region.
  • Demonstrations of our literacy work in remote schools and libraries.
  • Home visits with local families.
  • A volunteer activity to benefit a school or library.
  • Cultural activities like markets and coffee farms.

How to Participate:

To participate, download our Program Application form and send it by mail to Child Aid, 917 SW Oak St, Suite 208, Portland, OR 97025, or by email to

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