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Rotary Club Helps Child Aid Bring Books to Thousands

Dee and Lee Carlson, La Conner Rotary Club members, help unpack and sort books before a delivery.

This year, the Rotary Club of La Conner, Washington helped raise funds for Child Aid so we could send 53,000 children’s books to Guatemala, and distribute them to over 60 rural communities. Once the books arrived in Guatemala, a group of Rotary volunteers from the La Conner club traveled to the country to help with sorting and cataloging in one of the communities that received books.

We’re able reach as many kids and communities as we do because of generous support from groups and organizations in the U.S. Huge thanks to La Conner Rotary! The club is helping us bring Spanish-language books to well over 10,000 children who never before had access to quality reading materials.

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