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Welcome to the Child Aid Pressroom. For media inquiries, please email Nancy Press, or contact her by phone at 503-223-3008.

Who We Are and What We Do

Our mission is development through literacy.

We focus on rural villages where illiteracy is disproportionately affecting indigenous people.

We achieve this mission through an integrated, three-year program that provides teacher training, librarian training, and the distribution of over $500,000 in Spanish language books to schools and libraries.

Utilizing best practices proven effective in developing countries, we have third party evaluations confirming fidelity to our program design.

As these programs spread and more partnerships are made at administrative levels within the Guatemalan Ministry of Education, we seek to impact systemic change in teacher training methods and expectations through the effective grassroots advocacy of our Guatemalan students, parents, teachers, principals, school administrators and civic leaders.

Every year of school that a child completes represents an estimated 13 percent increase in their future annual income. Education improves maternal, child and family health. It slows the spread of HIV/AIDS, decreases violent crime and improves the overall economic health of communities. We know of no other approach to alleviating poverty that has an impact this broad and long lasting.

Child Aid’s mission is to create opportunity for Latin America’s rural and indigenous poor through childhood literacy programs. Its innovative work in rural villages is creating a new generation of teachers and librarians who are transforming education in their communities. Working in partnership with over 50 towns and villages, Child Aid helps thousands of children learn to read, and provides effective, ongoing literacy training to hundreds of rural teachers and librarians. Child Aid also distributes tens of thousands of Spanish-language children’s books to partner schools and libraries in impoverished communities throughout Guatemala.


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