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One-On-One Coaching

A teacher who knows how to engage young readers and develop their literacy skills profoundly impacts student learning. But gaining those skills proves challenging for Guatemalan teachers raised and trained in a system of rote learning and memorization. Even if a teacher learns a new technique in a workshop, they are unlikely to use it in their classroom without additional support.

A Personalized Approach To Training

Child Aid’s solution is one-on-one coaching. Our literacy trainers visit each teacher twice after each workshop to model new techniques, offer suggestions, and answer questions. Personalized training can adapt to a teacher’s needs and interests, helping them integrate new techniques into their classroom more quickly and effectively.

Teachers tell us that one of the greatest benefits of coaching is having a trusted person by their side, not to supervise or criticize them, but to help them improve. Trainers build strong relationships with teachers and can encourage them to try new things, share their ideas and ask for help when needed.

Our Program

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