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Literacy Program Overview

Child Aid transforms how reading and literacy are taught in Guatemala so all children have access to a quality education and the opportunity to improve their lives.

Literacy is a powerful tool, especially for children growing up in extreme poverty. Reading ignites a child’s desire to learn, turns them into active participants in their own education, and benefits them their entire lives. They grow up to be critical thinkers and problem solvers, able to help lift their families out of poverty and confront their communities’ most urgent problems.

Child Aid helps thousands of children learn to read each year in some of Guatemala’s poorest and most underprivileged public schools. We work in classrooms where children desperately need better literacy skills to improve their lives, but they attend schools that are trapped in a repeating cycle of poor quality instruction, insufficient resources and low expectations.

Our Approach to Improving Education

Our intensive, four-year literacy program stresses reading to learn and critical thinking skills. Through hands-on workshops and one-on-one coaching, teachers learn how to create a more engaging, interactive learning environment for their students. We return to schools multiple times per year to provide books, training, support, and encouragement to help teachers transform their classrooms into vibrant communities of literacy where every child learns and thrives.

Training Workshops

Teachers learn new strategies and techniques to teach literacy and make their classrooms more open and interactive.

One-on-One Coaching

Literacy trainers guide and support teachers as they apply new techniques in their own classrooms.

Books for Classrooms

Teachers receive colorful, engaging children’s books they can use for classroom activities, literacy instruction, and reading promotion.

Over the four year program, teachers receive:
  • 8 full day workshops
  • 16 coaching sessions in their classroom
  • A classroom library with a minimum of 7 books per student
  • A comprehensive teacher manual, aligned to national standards
  • Ongoing support from a literacy trainer


Our Program

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