Give the Gift of Education

You are about to make a difference in the lives of thousands of kids. Your contribution today will help train a teacher, put a book in a child’s hands, transform a school and give hope to parents that their children will have a better life. Thank you!

How You Can Help


$50 Teach A Child to Read

Provide a child a trained teacher who is ready to make learning fun and engaging so she can become an independent reader and learner.


$250 Fill A Bookshelf

Launch new learners by providing children’s books for a classroom library. For a child who has never seen a storybook, this is a life-changing gift.


$500 Train a Teacher

Give a teacher the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence she needs to become a more effective educator.


$1000 Sponsor a School

Transform a school with a year of training, books and support from a literacy trainer. Provide teachers the resources they need to help their students learn and thrive.

Want to Do Even More?

Become a fundraiser! Create a personalized campaign page and rally your community of friends and family in support of Child Aid. Together you can make a big difference in giving every child access to a quality education.

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