Help Us Bring 10,000 New Books to Guatemalan Classrooms


$25 Fill a Backpack

Provide seven new books for a classroom and get a child started on a lifetime of literacy. For kids who have never seen a storybook, this is a gift that will truly inspire.


$50 Fill A Shelf

A donation of $50 will provide 15 books for a classroom to support independent reading sessions.


$100 Fill A Reading Corner

A gift of $100 will provide 30 books, enough to create a space where kids can explore and discover new books.


$500 Fill A Classroom

Provide 140 books to create a classroom library and give a teacher the resources she needs to lead literacy activities that build comprehension and critical thinking skills in her students.

Want to Do Even More?

Become a fundraiser! Create a personalized campaign page and rally your community of friends and family in support of Child Aid. Together you can make big difference in giving every child access to a quality education.

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About the Campaign

In Guatemala, children who are living in extreme poverty are also growing up in a world without books. Most have never had a book of their own or had story read to them. They attend classrooms with empty bookshelves and schools with few resources for teaching reading.

In a world without books, kids struggle to learn to read, creating another generation hampered by illiteracy and poor education.

You can help provide quality education to children in Guatemala. Join our campaign to purchase 10,000 new books for our partner schools.

Child Aid works with teachers and schools to create vibrant learning environments for students. We stock classroom shelves with colorful, engaging books, train teachers in literacy instruction and support school programs that give students more opportunities to spend time reading and developing their skills.

Every book you help provide will fill a child’s world with imagination, learning and inspiration. Start a campaign page today and help give a student the opportunity for a better education and a brighter future.